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Home Safety Analysis

We are concerned with the safety of you and your family. Lance Cotner Electric offers a FREE visual safety inspection while we are at your home. During this inspection, we will go through your home and advise you of any possible fire hazards or electrocution issues. Should your home fail any of the individual check points, we will recommend the proper repairs and/or installations that should be made.

If you answer YES to any question from our home safety analysis check list, call us today for your free safety analysis:

  • Is your home 20 years old or older?
  • Do your lights often flicker?
  • Has your home had a major addition or renovation or major new appliance added in the last 10 years?
  • Are you the new owner of a previously owned home?
  • Do you have extension cords and multiple power strips permanently in use around the house?
  • Is your electric panel or meter cover hot to the touch?
  • Do your circuit breakers trip often or fail to trip when overloaded?
  • Do you hear crackling, sizzling or buzzing from your outlets or switches?
  • Are you outlet and light switch face plates hot to the touch or discolored?
  • Do you smell burnt rubber?