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Residential Electric Services

Residential Electric Services

Residential Electrical – Troubleshooting & Repair

If you are having trouble with lighting, outlets, or any other sort of electrical problem in your home or business, do not hesitate to call us! We guarantee to get the problem repaired as soon as possible before it leads to more serious problems.

Our licensed electricians are ready, willing and able to resolve any electrical issue you encounter. When you call Lance Cotner, we’ll not only find and solve the problem, we’ll tell you how to prevent it from happening again. Call us to make use of our top quality Cape Girardeau electrician services today!


Lance Cotner Electric will handle all your lighting needs and we will install or replace any type of fixture that you have including: Chandeliers, Ceiling Fans with Light Kits, Track Lighting, Can Lights, Under Cabinet Lighting, Sconces, Puck Lights, Fluorescent Lights and more.

Dimmers: set the ambience and control your own lighting

Outdoor Lighting: Floodlights – offers security around your home; Lamp Posts- provides security in the front of your home; Door Lights- light up right outside your door; Attic Lighting- no more searching for a flashlight to find what you need in your attic without a flashlight.

Motion Sensors: lights go on when someone approaches

Timers: you determine when the lights go off and on.

Photo Cell: outside lights automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn.

Landscape Lighting: Low voltage or 120V

Ceiling Fan Installation

Home Safety Analysis

We are concerned with the safety of you and your family. Lance Cotner Electric offers a FREE visual safety inspection while we are at your home. During this inspection, we will go through your home and advise you of any possible fire hazards or electrocution issues. Most homeowners usually don’t know much regarding their home electrical systems, and that’s ok. We will take the time to explain exactly how it works so you can understand the importance of electrical safety. We take the responsibility to advise you of any hazards we find and explain how to fix these items and make your home safe again.


The panel is the heart of your electrical system. Like anything else when it comes to safety, the panel should be inspected to insure it’s in proper working order. If your panel is noticeably old and needs replacement, we recommend that it be completed immediately before potential problems arise. Eventually as panels get older, their effectiveness decreases until they eventually dies. We will evaluate your panel, and let you know the condition it’s in and whether or not it needs replaced. Should your panel need replacing, we will show you your options in order to have a panel that is current and safely effective for your home.

Two brands of Panels lost their UL listing and that we recommend immediately replacing them if you have one of these in your home since they are a fire hazard:

Sylvania/ Federal Pacfic (FPE), Zinsco

Protection Against Surges

Surge Protection is a device hooked up to your panel that will protect all the electronic devices in your home from sudden surges and spikes in your electrical lines. This device is very similar to the ones that you plug into your power outlets for computers and other electronics. The difference is this one protects your entire home. Ask your technician for more information regarding the cost of surge protection for your entire home. Actually, when you break it down the cost is relatively minor considering the terrible expense of replacing all your electronic equipment should a surge occur. The manufacturer’s warranty gives you peace of mind and will provide up to a $75,000 warranty depending on the model for any electronic equipment that is damaged or ruined.

Breaker Panel Installation & Repair

Example of a damage causing surge:

Surges often happen during lightning storms. If lighting strikes a power line and excess voltage into your home, the power will generate out to anything plugged into your outlets and potentially “damage” these items. Usually these items are damaged, and no longer be any good. Electronic equipment like computers, flat screen TV’s, appliances and other household electronics could be ruined when this occurs. This should make it painfully clear as to why you should have surge protection in your home in order to keep your expensive electronics safe. In addition, if the surge protector does not do its job, there is a manufacturer warranty on your items depending on model you select. Don’t wait till it’s too late to ask for information in order to protect your electronic equipment.


Why would I need a generator?

A generator will restore power to your entire home, or to specific critical life safety items, should you lose power due to a s natural disaster, storm, downed power lines, lack of maintenance on a panel, or other event. Installing a generator in your home can provide you with power to run equipment in your house while others are still in the dark.

A generator can keep power going to your refrigerator or freezer keeping perishables cold so they don’t go to waste. On average, you could lose up to $500 in perishables every time the power goes out!

How long could you live without these important items?

  • Computer
  • Appliances
  • Internet
  • Medical Life Safety Devices
  • Refrigerator or Freezer
  • Air Conditioning
  • Heat
  • Television / Radio
  • Security Systems
  • Sump Pump
Installation of backup generators with automatic transfer switch

Our residential electrician services in Cape Girardeau and Southeast Missouri help keep your home life running smoothly. Call today to find out how we can improve your home living!

Residential Electrical Services

  • Home safety inspections
  • Home remodeling/renovations
  • Lighting (indoor, security & landscape)
  • Ceiling fans
  • Smoke detectors
  • Exhaust fans
  • Switches & Dimmers
  • Pools, hot tubs & spa’s
  • Surge protection
  • Electrical repairs
  • Troubleshooting
  • Outlets & GFCI’s
  • Circuit breakers & fuses
  • Phone & cable outlets
  • Meter base repair & replacement
  • Panel change & service upgrades
  • Code violations corrected
  • Install/wire appliances
  • Grounding